Engaging people and welcoming every voice

A small charity who actively involve a wide variety of people and creatively engage with their experiences using skilled drama methods – with therapeutic and socially cohesive outcomes.

“What a sympathetic and quite brilliant therapeutic session… moving, caring and kind… Clever insight, but empathetic presentation for all.”


Our approach promotes social inclusion, equality and diversity in all our projects where every voice is actively invited and welcomed.


Our approach enables a new way of listening and understanding.

Through careful invitation and contextual framing, trust is built so that people are drawn into shared narratives about their own experience – creating a vibrant, attentive atmosphere for listening and understanding of self and others.

Individual accounts of moments in their lives are adapted creatively into poignant, kind, humourous and emotionally insightful improvisations by the practitioners – creating moving, empathetic resonance for all present.


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